Mediterranean Chicken Caponata

(This post is sponsored by President’s Choice. I used their PC Black Label Caponata to make this delicious one skillet Mediterranean Chicken !)I’ve been on a serious fast food kick lately. And I don’t mean eating the food that actually comes from a “fast food” restaurant. What I’m referring to are recipes made from very few ingredients, without the use of major appliances.

Yep, still in renovation mode but it looks like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Or at least I keep telling myself that it WILL BE OVER SOON!

When #PresidentsChoice asked me to partner with them for their #PCBlackLabel new product launch, I just knew I could take on this challenge without my full kitchen being ready. You see, the concept behind this campaign is to put your “kitchen thinking cap” ON, throw out all the rules, mix in a little curiosity, add a pinch of fearlessness and get CREATIVE.

If I can do this without a kitchen, imagine what you can do in your own home! The best part is, these amazing #PCBlackLabel products make your culinary adventure that much easier to accomplish when you #PlayWithYourFood.

I’ve been working on a whim and a hotplate for the past few months, so this dish had to be imaginative, quick and super easy. It also required some thinking outside of the box to incorporate the #PCBlackLabel #PlayWithYourFood campaign.

As soon as I opened the PC Black Label black box and saw these two products, my mind drifted to the Mediterranean. Most likely because I’ve been dreaming about going there for years. A few days in Greece and then off to Italy. This recipe is a blend of both countries with a myriad of deliciousness all bound into a one skillet meal.

Inside this very sultry looking box lay these two new #PCBlackLabel products.

PC Black Label Peperoncini Piccata (Chopped Red Chili Peppers in Oil) and PC Black Label Caponata (Eggplant Antipasto).

While I was deciding on which jar I was going to choose, my husband swooped in and immediately took the PC Black Label Peperoncini Piccata to use on his homemade pizza. Well thanks, that made my decision quite easy because one jar was GONE.

The PC Black Label Caponata sounded like it would be the perfect fit for my recipe, so before I continue, here’s a description of exactly what it is:

A traditional Sicilian antipasto made with tender chopped eggplant, Leccino black olives and capers in tangy, rich tomato sauce with olive oil.

It is very similar to a ratatouille, a dish originating from the Provence region of France, which is an easy mix of seasonal vegetables, garlic, and olive oil.

So, how did my recipe all come together? First, I opened the jar and took a deep breath, capturing the aroma of the contents. Forgive me, but I have this weird thing about smelling my food.

Then, I grabbed my handy dandy hotplate and cast iron skillet – two utensils I could not be without during our renovation.

I hemmed and hawed about the ingredient list. By the way, my hemming and hawing occurs mostly during the night. Also known as TOSSING AND TURNING. Once I tossed to the right and thought BLACK OLIVES and WHITE WINE. Then I tossed to the left and came up with the balance of the my ingredients. This usually keeps both my husband and the cat awake too. There’s lots of thrashing around while recipes fly through my head.

I set out to buy a few fresh, key ingredients that would add some WOW and POW into this dish. With the balance of ingredients already being pantry staples, you really can’t beat how fast this all came together.

I’m just going to be honest with you, this recipe is just perfect for a weeknight meal. It’s easy, healthy, delicious, ready in a flash and simply beautiful.

Here’s how I created this dish.

I used the jar of PC Black Label Caponata as the headliner for this recipe. In my opinion, chicken only becomes a celebrity when it makes the best dressed list. In order to get “noticed”, you need a stellar ingredient for the recipe. The star of this show was the topping, but with the addition of black olives, chopped plum tomatoes, a sprinkle of crumbled feta and garnish of fresh parsley, this Mediterranean Chicken Caponata was the best thing ever! Oh, and see that nice crusty loaf of bread? I ate half of it before dinner, by sopping up the Caponata sauce straight out of the skillet. Now you know I have no self control.

You need this for dinner tonight, right?  YES. YOU. DO.

Now it’s your turn to #PlayWithYourFood at Discover the entire #PCBlackLabel collection and start exploring new taste adventures!

Mediterranean Chicken Caponata
Serves: 6
  • 8 chicken thighs, skin on
  • 1 whole garlic clove, peeled
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 tbsp fresh organic oregano, chopped
  • Olive oil
  • ½ cup white wine
  • 1 large lemon, juice of
  • ½ cup chicken broth
  • ½ medium size red onion, finely chopped
  • 10 grape tomatoes, sliced in half
  • 1 large yellow tomato, chopped
  • ½ cup pitted whole black olives
  • Handful of flat leaf Italian parsley, chopped
  • Crumbled feta cheese
  • 1 Jar PC Black Label Caponata
  • 1 French Bread for dipping
  1. Wash and dry chicken thighs well. Rub with garlic clove and season with salt and pepper. Drain the oil from the jar of Caponata into a small dish. With a pastry brush, coat both sides of the thighs with the Caponata oil.
  2. In a large size cast iron skillet over medium high heat, place 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Sear chicken thighs until browned on both sides. Remove from skillet and set aside.
  3. Add fresh oregano leaves, white wine, lemon juice, chicken broth and onion. Let simmer for about 5 minutes to let the flavours blend.
  4. Place chicken thighs back into the skillet, add both types of tomatoes (red and yellow). Cover pan tightly with foil or lid and let cook for 20 minutes or until thighs are no longer pink inside.
  5. Add the olives and top chicken thighs with a dollop of Caponata.
  6. Cover and cook another 5 minutes.
  7. Garnish with feta cheese if desired and additional flat leaf parsley.
  8. Serve hot with a side salad, rice, french bread for dipping and a big smile!

*disclaimer – This post was sponsored by PCBlackLabel @preschoice but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Simply Beautiful Eating in the kitchen!

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