A Night Off with Panago Pizza

You know what? I deserve a night off from the kitchen once in awhile, right? Well, Panago Pizza offered to give me a break and guess what? I put my hand up in the air and waved – YES PLEASE!

I know what you’re thinking. Fast food isn’t always that healthy. You’re right. But Panago Pizza is much different from the norm. Let me explain why……

In simple terms, Panago Pizza believes in FRESH. That speaks to me in volumes, as my motto is to use the freshest ingredients possible when preparing my own recipes in the kitchen.

Panago Pizza uses nutritious foods incorporating the highest-quality chef-inspired ingredients. They have a strict policy – no added MSG, no artificial flavours, or nasty colours. As far as I’m concerned, they get the Simply Beautiful stamp of approval.

A bit about their crusts, because I love making my own, but these are just as tasty as homemade. They don’t use additives and their dough is never frozen. Multi-grain crusts are offered as well as their Italian thin crust which has 30% less carbs than their regular hand-tossed dough.

Sauces and toppings are another option for healthy choices. Five of their seven sauces contain little or no fat per serving and they offer a huge selection of yummy veggie options for toppings.

Their Italian tomato sauce is 100% organic and is made with the freshest tomatoes, herbs and spices – totally authentic and tastes amazing.

Their meats, which include ham, Italian sausage, pepperoni and salami are made from pork raised without the use of antibiotics.

Here are some interesting facts about Panago Pizza:

  • Fresh dough made in store daily
  • 100% Canadian wheat and cheese
  • No artificial colours and flavours used
  • They serve organic juices
  • Panago has something for everyone, including a variety of vegan and Gluten smart options – you can read more about these here → Panago Pizza Nutrition

In a nutshell, Panago makes dinner “DramaFree” and that’s a big plus for me!

Could you ask for anything more? Nope.

Thank you Panago Pizza for giving me a DELICIOUS night off from cooking!

*disclaimer – this post was sponsored by @panago_pizza but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Simply Beautiful Eating in the kitchen! #QualityWorthSharing

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