A Simply Beautiful Dresser with “My O’verlays”

As many know, I can’t let the grass grow beneath my feet when it comes to home makeovers. Although you have already seen the new master bedroom, there was one major component that was missing and that was a large double size dresser. We needed that key piece of furniture so that both of us had room to store our every day basics like undies, socks and stuff that doesn’t need to take up precious closet space.

I’m sure you have seen endless posts on Pinterest for IKEA hacks. Some of them are so amazing and I have always wanted to try transforming a new or vintage piece of furniture with My O’verlays. The last time I used these O’verlays was in my walk-in closet makeover on the doors and they were absolutely STUNNING.

So off to IKEA we went to buy this DRESSER with hopes of transforming it into a glam furniture piece I would love.

The first issue of course, was putting it together. That’s where my wonderful (but NOT patient) husband Steve steps in. If there is anything he can’t stand more is an IKEA 1,000,000 piece project. I happened to walk into our room as this was being constructed and quickly left to do anything but endure listening to the moaning, groaning and standard phrase he uses that goes like this…….SESSIN FRESSIN NO GOOD SON OF A……… You get the picture, right? Now, don’t get me wrong. Steve is a handy dandy guy (which he says is a curse….but to me is a giant blessing). I appreciate every single thing he does (even though there’s enough drama that goes along with this to garner him his own show on Netflix)

After the blood, sweat and tears subsided, the dresser was completed and stood in our bedroom until the O’verlays arrived. I ordered some beautiful lucite and gold knobs from the same vendor (ON ETSY) that I used for my closet drawers. Once everything arrived, the O’verlays were installed and the old black IKEA knobs were switched out for the new ones you see here.

Can I just tell you something? This was seriously the simplest way to hack an IKEA piece of furniture and look at the results!!

Simply beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Check out O’verlays website to see how you can give your furniture, doors, mirrors and so many other decor items an instant refresh. I’m also offering a coupon code at checkout to save some $$$$$ ! Just plug in SIMPLYBE15 to save 15%!

*disclaimer* Product was provided for this post by My O’verlays. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Simply Beautiful Eating happy!

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks so much. The mirror is from Homesense Canada. I’m in love with it. Xo

  2. Hi! I love this so much and am going to recreate for our nursery! Can you please tell me where the mirror is from too? Thank you!

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